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Joby  Action Jib Kit & Pole (Clearance Item)  

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Overview:  New shot possibilities and previously unreachable angles await you with thi...

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Joby-Action Jib Kit & Pole (Clearance Item)-Tripods, Monopods and Support Accessories



New shot possibilities and previously unreachable angles await you with this GoPro®/action video jib system. The Action Jib Kit attaches to any monopod or to an optional 4 piece steel pole set, which can be adjusted to the length your shoot needs. Give your videography all the versatility a jib offers.

  • Removable, adjustable pole clamps: Two mounts adjust to any cylindrical pole. One goes at the base of the pole with the handle and other goes at the end where the Action Camera will be mounted.
  • Handle with 1/4"-20 screw: Handle grip allows you to rotate the camera with the integrated pulley system. Also, the handle has an extra 1/4"-20 screw so you can mount an Arm and a GripTight for remote video viewing.
  • Adjustable cording for any pole length: Comes with a cord that can be tied to accommodate different pole lengths.
  • Optional 3 Modular 20” (50.8 cm) aluminum extension poles: The three poles feature a painter’s pole threading so you to create the pole length you want.
  • Portable & easy to assemble/disassemble: All components come in a compact bag that you can carry with you on-the-go.


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