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Joby  UltraPlate Quick Release Plate for DSLRs and CSCs  

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Overview:  Use your tripod & strap at the same time!Pair with Tripods, Camera Stra...


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Joby-UltraPlate Quick Release Plate for DSLRs and CSCs-Tripods, Monopods and Support Accessories
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Use your tripod & strap at the same time!
Pair with Tripods, Camera Straps & More!
Now you can use your UltraFit Sling Strap and GorillaPod Focus with Ballhead X at the same time without the hassle of unscrewing either! Simply attach the UltraPlate to your camera and then attach your strap to one of the plate's ¼-20 mounting holes. UltraPlate is built-in Arca-Swiss compatible which means you just slide it into Ballhead X and tighten down the screw.
If your tripod isn't Arca-Swiss compatible, like the Manfrotto RC2 system, simply screw your favorite quick-release plate into one of the UltraPlate's extra mounting holes and you're ready to shoot! Also works great with most monopods, steadicams, flash brackets and camera straps.


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